TexLive の コレクションについて

TexLive は Full でインストールすると容量が大きく、インストールにも時間が掛かってしまう。


texlive.tlpdb ファイルにすべてのパッケージ説明があり、 そこから抽出したのが次の表である。

No. name shortdesc longdesc
1 collection-basic Essential programs and files These files are regarded as basic for any TeX system, covering plain TeX macros, Computer Modern fonts, and configuration for common drivers; no LaTeX.
2 collection-bibtexextra BibTeX additional styles Additional BibTeX styles and bibliography data(bases), notably including BibLaTeX.
3 collection-binextra TeX auxiliary programs Various useful, but non-essential, support programs. Includes programs and macros for DVI file manipulation, literate programming, patgen, and the TeX Works Editor.
4 collection-context ConTeXt and packages Hans Hagen's powerful ConTeXt system, http://pragma-ade.com. Also includes third-party ConTeXt packages.
5 collection-fontsextra Additional fonts
6 collection-fontsrecommended Recommended fonts Recommended fonts, including the base 35 PostScript fonts, Latin Modern, TeX Gyre, and T1 and other encoding support for Computer Modern, in outline form.
7 collection-fontutils Graphics and font utilities Programs for conversion between font formats, testing fonts, virtual fonts, .gf and .pk manipulation, mft, fontinst, etc. Manipulating OpenType, TrueType, Type 1,and for manipulation of PostScript and other image formats.
8 collection-formatsextra Additional formats Collected TeX `formats', i.e., large-scale macro packages designed to be dumped into .fmt files -- excluding the most common ones, such as latex and context, which have their own package(s). It also includes the Aleph engine and related Omega formats and packages.
9 collection-games Games typesetting Setups for typesetting various games, including chess.
10 collection-humanities Humanities packages Packages for law, linguistics, social sciences, humanities, etc.
11 collection-langarabic Arabic Support for Arabic and Persian.
12 collection-langchinese Chinese Support for Chinese; additional packages in collection-langcjk.
13 collection-langcjk Chinese/Japanese/Korean (base) Packages supporting a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, including macros, fonts, documentation. Also Thai in the c90 encoding, since there is some overlap in those fonts; standard Thai support is in collection-langother. Additional packages for CJK are in their individual language collections.
14 collection-langcyrillic Cyrillic Support for Cyrillic scripts (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian), even if Latin alphabets may also be used.
15 collection-langczechslovak Czech/Slovak Support for Czech/Slovak.
16 collection-langenglish US and UK English Support for, and documentation in, English.
17 collection-langeuropean Other European languages Support for a number of European languages; others (Greek, German, French, ...) have their own collections, depending simply on the size of the support.
18 collection-langfrench French Support for French and Basque.
19 collection-langgerman German Support for German.
20 collection-langgreek Greek Support for Greek.
21 collection-langitalian Italian Support for Italian.
22 collection-langjapanese Japanese Support for Japanese; additional packages in collection-langcjk.
23 collection-langkorean Korean Support for Korean; additional packages in collection-langcjk.
24 collection-langother Other languages Support for languages not otherwise listed, including Indic, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Indonesian, African languages, and plenty more. The split is made simply on the basis of the size of the support, to keep both collection sizes and the number of collections reasonable.
25 collection-langpolish Polish Support for Polish.
26 collection-langportuguese Portuguese Support for Portuguese.
27 collection-langspanish Spanish Support for Spanish.
28 collection-latex LaTeX fundamental packages These packages are either mandated by the core LaTeX team, or very widely used and strongly recommended in practice.
29 collection-latexextra LaTeX additional packages A very large collection of add-on packages for LaTeX.
30 collection-latexrecommended LaTeX recommended packages A collection of recommended add-on packages for LaTeX which have widespread use.
31 collection-luatex LuaTeX packages Packages for LuaTeX, a Unicode-aware extension of pdfTeX, using Lua as an embedded scripting and extension language. http://luatex.org/
32 collection-mathscience Mathematics, natural sciences, computer science packages
33 collection-metapost MetaPost and Metafont packages
34 collection-music Music packages Music-related fonts and packages.
35 collection-pictures Graphics, pictures, diagrams Including TikZ, pict, etc., but MetaPost and PStricks are separate.
36 collection-plaingeneric Plain (La)TeX packages Add-on packages and macros that work with plain TeX, often LaTeX, and occasionally other formats.
37 collection-pstricks PSTricks PSTricks core and all add-on packages.
38 collection-publishers Publisher styles, theses, etc.
39 collection-texworks TeXworks editor; TL includes only the Windows binary See http://tug.org/texworks.
40 collection-wintools Windows-only support programs Utilities for Windows, since they are not readily available there: chktex, unzip, wget, xpdf, and the dviout previewer.
41 collection-xetex XeTeX and packages Packages for XeTeX, the Unicode/OpenType-enabled TeX by Jonathan Kew, http://tug.org/xetex.


  • collection-basic
  • collection-binextra
  • collection-fontsrecommended
  • collection-fontutils
  • collection-langcjk
  • collection-langenglish
  • collection-langjapanese
  • collection-latex
  • collection-latexrecommended
  • collection-luatex
  • collection-mathscience
  • collection-metapost
  • collection-pictures
  • collection-plaingeneric
  • collection-wintools

もし必要かどうか分からなければ、最小構成でインストールして 後に必要と判明した段階で Tex Live Manager で追加インストールすればよい。